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Simply, Purely, Beautifully  -  Birdie

Birdie Cashmere is an exciting new presence in the Market which encapsulates all that is beautiful and luxurious but at an achievable level for most.  The Label's creator is passionate about knitwear and it shows.  The Brand believes knits should be super comfortable, light and warm and for that combination - there is no yarn that competes with Cashmere.  
Pure Cashmere is the ultimate in yarn but it is also delicate and comes at a high price because of how little fibre one goat produces and the labour-intensive nature of the industry.  Birdie has managed to capture the warmth and comfort of Cashmere by using a wool/cashmere blend which is available at a reasonable price that lends itself to everyday wear...the perfect solution!
Also offered the Birdie-Luxe product of 100% Pure Cashmere in scarves and select garments.  These offer the increased level of warmth and luxury desired by some clientele.  Our Blend of Cotton/Cashmere is the perfect Trans seasonal fabric, cool in Summer and adds warmth in Winter and is beautiful to wear against the skin.
The Birdie Style is easy to wear and comes in S/M and M/L sizing.  It's focus is comfort and designs are classic yet on trend and each season displays a pop of colour or design element that has broad appeal.

Ethically Sound

Our Factory is well established and pride themselves on the production of quality garments.  They do not employ any Child labour and their Staff are well paid and enjoy good working conditions, taking several holidays each year.  The main Yarn Supplier they use is well regarded and the yarn is sourced from several farms in Inner Mongolia and its surrounds.  Cashmere being a natural fibre is renewable and as I said our designs are not throw away, but Classic, which means garments when cared for, can be worn for several seasons and not tossed away because they will be out of fashion the following year.  Please have a look at the Gallery (below) for some images of our Factory's working conditions. 

CASHMERE - 'Fun facts you may not know?

  • Cashmere fibre is actually not a wool but hair.
  • Cashmere is at least 3 times warmer than wool.
  • The harsher the climate the better the quality of the cashmere produced by the goat.
  • Cashmere production originated in India in the 1700's (Kashmir Region).  Today China is the largest producer of Cashmere producing 60% of the overall crop.
  • Quality depends on the length and width of the fibre.  Width = Softness.  Length = Strength.  Long thin fibres are the better quality and will soften over time.  Pull your garment and it should go back into shape and crush it and it should only wrinkle a little.
  • During Spring, the goats malt and the soft underbelly and throat fibre is hand combed out.  One goat produces approx 150 gms of down hair a year, not even enough to produce one average 250gm jumper! The fibre is collected (manually combed), de-haired (coarse outer hair separated using machinery), washed, spun and woven or knitted....as you can now appreciate, a lengthy process.


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