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Simply : Purely : Beautifully : Birdie


Made from 100% Natural Pure Cotton and Cashmere Fibres.  This Hybrid Range offers all year round wearability and is truly Trans-Seasonal, with versatile and broad appeal and best of all the Luxe comfort of Cashmere.

A cross-over between the Active and Lifestyle wardrobe that enables you to stay in your exercise gear for the day (if you choose to) without looking like you have just stepped out of the gym or training session.  Duotech absorbs and draws moisture away from the skin and being all natural breathes, which reduces odour.  The Cashmere component adds a softness that helps to reduce friction and increases comfort.  The Range is easy fit styling and the no zip Mistral Hoodie, again allows for maximum movement and comfort.

The Duotech fabric is a % ratio blend unique to Birdie Cashmere here in Australia, it offers Spring and Autumn under layering for added warmth and absorbs and draws moisture away from the skin during exercise.  Of course being natural it breathes, making it a cooler option in Summer.  It also serves as a lightweight layer to keep you warm on cool Summer mornings and evenings. This can be machine washed on a delicate cycle in a delicates bag and hangs out well which reduces the need for ironing.

The design is True Birdie Classic, look out for the Block Cross Detail on the sleeve!  The colour palette is fresh for Summer.....Chalk,  Clean Aqua, Soft Foggy Grey and of course being designed in Melbourne there must be a touch of Black for sophistication!